Vitra and Jongerius propose an intelligent system of colors, materials and fabrics to create environments

The firm Vitra started a project with the Dutch designer Hella Jongerius to study the properties and possibilities of the colors, textures, finishes and materials of the company's product portfolio. The result is the Vitra Color & Material Library, which came to life during the Milan Design Week 2016 at the "Color Machine" installation.
In 2007 Vitra began to develop its library of materials and colors in collaboration with Hella Jongerius. The objective was to obtain an intelligent system of colors, materials and fabrics that would facilitate the creation of environments full of life in offices, homes and public spaces.

As artistic director, Hella Jongerius creates specific worlds for each author. At the same time, the updating of classic designs is done after consulting the descendants of their original creators. Together, it is the specific libraries of each designer that create the wide range of colors of Vitra, whose classification system allows to combine furniture in a way that forms vibrant and expressive collages. Each product receives the maximum expressive possibilities, without ceasing to be mixed with other pieces, creating a harmonious general set with its own intensity.

The Vitra textile collection is the core of the library, which offers a wide selection of fabrics Exclusive But the library also applies to compact materials, textures for plastic, metal, wood and leather. All together create a system with unlimited combination possibilities but with a coherence and connection that facilitates architects, interior designers and private clients the definition of an interior full of life and with a strong personality.
The installation Color Machine of Milan reflected the permanent development of the library of materials and colors through a series of fabrics and other specific Vitra materials.

The wheels suspended from the ceiling showed the manner in which the colors are affected by the volume, form and material and how they interact with each other. When the visitor walked through the installation, he immersed himself in an attractive polychromatic experience on Vitra's exuberant world of colors. He was invited to touch the fabrics and to examine the new materials closely. The range of colors revolves in a dynamic interaction of tones, the materials come to life and the process of library construction is shown.