Vaulted Ceiling Ridge Beam

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Structural ridge beam: real world youtube, An explanation and real world example of a structural ridge beam used to support roof rafters. see how a structural ridge was used to tie together a 1700s.
From ground wednesday ridge beam day youtube, The single "major" event on this project is placing the 32′ 800 pound ridge beam on top of its posts almost 15′ up. here’s a overview of that "event"..

65 unique cathedral and vaulted ceiling designs in living rooms

65 unique cathedral and vaulted ceiling designs in living rooms | Source:

Raise roof raise ceiling betcha! zillow porchlight, If you think you need more space in your home you might be thinking about adding to the back to the side or maybe even the front if you have room. how about.

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Eco Cladding | hebel power panel
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Ceiling joist rafter framing details home owners, Ridge valley and hip rafter framing. 1. install at least (≥) a 1 inch (nominal thickness) ridge board at roof ridges. install a ridge board that is at least.
Open ceiling, Open up the ceiling with a steel sandwich by michael chandler bolted between rafters an angled steel flitch plate can eliminate the need for rafter ties in.