Urban gardens for castaways in the big city

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Have you seen The Martian, Ridley Scott's latest film? Poor Matt Damon is left alone in a lost station on the red planet and, like good Robinson, you have to look for life to survive. He uses all his scientific skills to create a small potato garden that allows him not to starve.

I can not help remembering this and other sci-fi movies, where the recurrent space garden appears, every time I meet a small, committed and rebellious urban garden. The first I met was the ingenious Leopoldo, based on plastic bags as arable shelves. It was one of the must-haves of the ever-advancing Vinçon. Then many other modular gardens have appeared, about to harvest, waiting for the urbanite with a bad conscience to put them in motion.

Currently there is a flourishing industry around this successful idea that moves containers, special substrates, seeds of plants dwarfs, workshops, workshops and specialists. The urban garden, as its passionate defenders say, is more than growing baby tomatoes on the balcony. It's a lifestyle.

Leopoldo de Santa & Cole, the first modular garden

It is obvious that the carrot or the strawberries grown in a little terrace garden are infinitely more expensive than those we can find in the corner super. But, they do not know so well. They do not matter the e effort, care, special fertilizers, programmed irrigations and all the paraphernalia that the urban gardens ask for … it's a tremendous expenditure of energy that the fans turn into an addictive pastime and, therefore, it's worth it.

Urban garden of Leroy Merlin

There is something of a castaway in the big city in this eagerness to return to the agricultural roots, to dirty the hands of earth and to see how the vegetables grow from the bud to the table. There is a nostalgic look back and also a certain sense of helplessness in the dehumanized urban life. Although we have not entered into this exciting world of home-grown culture, we look with envy on our friend's ecological salad and, above all, the brightness of his eyes that show us his last harvest.
We must try …