Tribute to the picnic in the old town of Pamplona

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Picnic is a small tavern located in the old town of Pamplona that the architects Kahle & Arauzo have remodeled evoking the old restaurants in the outskirts of the city. With allusions to rural construction.

The proportions of the premises and their small size were not the most adequate for the implementation of this use, despite its splendid location in the Plaza de San Nicolás and the circumstance of having a large patio at the back of the premises were sufficient stimuli for that the property was decided to implement the business.

The hospitality approach is based on the offer of few products, very simple and high quality, served with much informality. In this way to raise the hotel industry suggested a bar solution inspired by traditional popular snack bars, and so in a very intuitive, based on personal memories of these places are raised various concepts and languages ​​matching these memories and intuitions looking for the same introduce a certain contemporaneity to the project.

The proposal of "naming" Picnic for the premises, proposed by the designer Arraitz Koch, perfectly condenses all these intuitions and becomes the "leitmotiv". The previous access space, a hallway vegetated with various types of maples, conveys the feeling of access to a private patio or a garden. Inside, perimeter compartments are built with wooden planks to configure the kitchen, storage and bathrooms. The oak planks, allusive to the cabin, characterize the interior space.

The kitchen at the back of the premises is considered during the service, therefore it has a window – a door that can be used as a wink to the itinerant shops of yesteryear. The benches, the tables and the bar are made of thick, thick oak logs that insinuate the timbers of a garden or a forest.
PICNIC . Calle San Nicolás, 72, 31001 Pamplona, ​​Navarra. T. 948 591 520. Project : Kahle & Arauzo Architecture. Goroabe 23 under 31005 Pamplona. T. 948 233 940
Coatings: Vescom.
Lighting : Viabizzuno.
Terrace furniture: Dvelas.
Photographs : Luisma Ambrós.