They wear blue and pink to prevent a turbulent year

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The world is a dangerous place, there is no doubt. But, although one gets used to all kinds of misfortunes of his own and others, today I really scared. My hair stood on end and I noticed how my throat dried before the dark threat of an immediate black and bitter future, like those dried nuts that after fighting against them show you their rotten hearts. Today I became very nervous when I opened my email and I saw the color predictions for this year of the Pantone company, undoubtedly one of the most placed in the chromatic theme at an international level. Creepy.

From the outset, it breaks the tradition of announcing a trend color for this year and announces two at a time. Two colors that get along but have nothing to do with each other. Why does he do that? What has happened with those tonitos that announced the beginning of a new era of sober and exotic luxury like the coppery Marsala of last year, or the glamorous and warm Radiant Orchid of 2014? Something has changed in recent months that has advised the authorities of color to get wet less and bet on a dual combination.
The press release explains that experts have captured the scent of colors that will flood fashion, graphic design and the home in 2016 and have seen that it is Rosa Cuarzo and Azul Serenidad. Two toned ameganados, cold and slightly inhospitable and slightly unpleasant, inspiration of the classic prenatal duo that, in spite of the improvements in question of equality of sexes, follow so in force as always: blue for the children, pink for the girls. Let's see who is the handsome one who questions that.

But the explanation of this choice is not It is in the maternity clinics but in the press today, the same one that we started to get used to as one gets used to tendinitis: with annoyance and resignation. According to the phylochromatic sages of the corporation, Rosa Cuarzo and Azul Serenidad are there to counteract the uncertainty of real life, the shortcomings and hardships that await us, through the vivifying, cleansing and calming power that both possess when combined in the same space. Literally, "both colors combined bring feelings of rest and relaxation, even in turbulent times."

Turbulent times? What will happen to us? What do our New Jersey experts mean with these words that sound like warning? It is clear that they know something that we do not know and propose two soft tones, rather than sedatives, anesthetizing, to desensitize our spirit before which we will fall. Analgesic colors, worrisome for its therapeutic essence rather than aesthetic or simply functional, to paint a house or rather a bunker-type shelter that, in some countries, is starting to be fashionable. Blue Serenity and Rose Quartz … We are notified.