Polycarbonate and sunlight play in transparent architecture

The trend of transparency, always present in the world of fashion, also extends to the universe of architecture and interior design thanks to the fantastic and always surprising polycarbonate, with which companies such as Kartell or Pedrali do real wonders.

Photographs by Luisma Ambrós, photos courtesy Casa Viva magazine

In this house in Donostia, designed by Iker Sainz and Ziako Interiorismo, the concept of transparency has been thoroughly worked on, eliminating unnecessary walls and working inside so that the Light that enters through the windows reaches the last corner of the house.

In the dining room, the Pedrali Queen chairs have been placed, in a transparent version, in order to accentuate this feature of the project that plays both seen and unseen. The high ceilings of the original floor are a value that is enhanced by moldings and classic construction elements that add character to the apartment without diminishing its relevance. The color palette is extremely limited to unify the rooms and achieve a high luminosity in the interior. The targets of floors, walls and furniture are barely interrupted by notes of turquoise blue

The apartment has three bedrooms, kitchen dining room in a single space, two bathrooms and patio. The aim was to give the room as much space as possible to take advantage of the light from outside. The house originally had two exterior bedrooms and the kitchen where the master bedroom was located. The main idea was very clear from the beginning: take the kitchen in the form of an island to the room and recover the master bedroom with bathroom to the patio. Many of the current projects of the Ziako study, author of this work, go in that direction.