Framing A Vaulted Ceiling

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Framing techniques vaulted ceilings home guides sf, The simplest way to get a vaulted ceiling is by setting vaulted roof trusses. roof trusses are built in a trussmanufacturing warehouse and delivered preassembled to the jobsite. unlike the heavy lumber required for rafters trusses contain a number of smaller members engineered to withstand heavy loads..
Framing techniques vaulted ceilings hunker, The trick in framing a vaulted ceiling is figuring out what to do with the ceiling joists. these horizontal framing members tie a building’s outer walls together and resist the outward force exerted by the roof rafters in conventional framing. without joists the walls can bow outward and the roof ridge line may sag..

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How frame gable roof ceiling home guides, How to frame a gable roof with no ceiling. and when there is a cathedral or vaulted ceiling on the to rafter ties in framing where a conventional ceiling is.

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