El Pintón: a fresh and current approach to the Sevillian patio

El Pintón is, without doubt, one of the most interesting spaces that we have received in the Contract Project magazine in recent months. It is a place in the heart of Seville, two steps from the Giralda. It is part of what were the Peyre warehouses, the work of Aníbal González.

The studio Lucas y Hernández-Gil has tried to link the strong presence of tradition with a contemporary and fresh approach to the Sevillian patio. Moldings and plasters added in previous interventions were eliminated to leave the raw original textures, finished with lime mortar. The different spaces have been unified with a frieze, pavement and wooden roof. Decorative resources are entrusted to materials, textures and light. Playing with filters, reflections, glazes that tint both the natural light that bathes the patio and artificial lighting.

The space of 350 m2 has different atmospheres and is articulated around the patio, which stands out for an ambiguous character between interior and exterior, which has been reinforced with vegetation, garden furniture, garlands and lanterns of lights and shading with a cloth of camouflage.

El Pintón: Calle Francos, 42, 41004 Sevilla
Telephone: 955 07 51 53
Project: Lucas and Hernández – Gil Arquitectos
Photographs: Juan Delgado
Courtesy: Proyecto Contract