Do houses with electric sheep dream?

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Robotics is not ready to invade our residences but it does not seem like there are many years left. If we think of personal assistants like the robots that start experimenting with medical purposes, things go a long way; but if we realize the success of the kitchen robots and their incredible features, we will see that the subject is more mature than it seems. Lighting manufacturers agree that the next changes come from the digital control of the luminaires, so home automation will soon be something that is taken for granted and not a luxury for the privileged. Do you remember Robotina, the supersonic chacha? Well, it's just around the corner.

Image courtesy HannaBarbera, Time Warner.

The new uses of technology are the result of an evolution that we used to call progress and now we do not know what to call it. But it is a race forward every day more accelerated and that only has as a brake the possible damage we do to the planet (which as a brake is not bad). For the rest, all the advances are welcome as it is about improving our environment and communication skills. And all involve small or large changes in our living space whose tremendous plasticity adapts like a glove to everything that is to come.

Consumer trends for next year-according to experts the tech trends-speak, first of all place, of increase of the networks that facilitate the exchange of homes for short periods. We already know the success of apps like Airbnb and others like that. And we know of many who have tried them with satisfaction. You lend your house to another person from anywhere in the world while you occupy theirs: a perfect agreement. Contrary to what some bad thought might believe, this type of exchanges almost always show a scrupulous respect for the private property of others, even shared for a few days.
Overall, tech trends show us the most significant advances of technology applied to everyday life, without explaining too much how it will materialize all this. What must the new house, the kitchen or the new bedrooms have to be able to accommodate this flood of practical solutions, personal applications and human assistance. There is no function that does not generate a new form, as we already know, so it is expected that the houses of the end of this decade are very different from the current ones.
Image courtesy of Marset Hazy Day lamps