Chili: Japanese architecture and Peruvian colors

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Álex March projects an attractive restaurant in the Olympic Port of Barcelona that unites Japanese gastronomic culture and Peruvian cuisine, based on forms inspired by traditional Japanese architecture and the colorful strokes of the South American country.

According to two of its various definitions, the word Nikkei defines emigrants of Japanese origin and their descendants. In gastronomy and joined to the culinary terminology refers to the fusion between Japanese and Peruvian cuisine dating from the late nineteenth century, with the landing in Peru of hundreds of workers needed to cover the collection of cotton and sugar of the fields.

The space is orchestrated around two elements that preside over the place and make the protagonist to the preparation of dishes by the cooks, a sushi bar and cold dishes where we can eat comfortably and a plate space and hot cooking, visible through an elongated glass that protects customers from the mixture of smells of the various foods that are cooked.

The intention of the project is to transfer to the visual development of this establishment the culinary experience of fusion through the most remarkable of these two cultures, with a base of indigenous materials and forms inspired by traditional Japanese architecture and a chromatic setting Very colorful, closer to the Peruvian culture, added all this with a brave formal bet by using straight lines and diagonals that intermix harmonically.

The place enjoys a good source of natural light through a large window that communicates with an outside garden. A general lighting and a spotlight, both controlled, highlight the warmth of the textures of varied surfaces wood, metal, stone, which make up a cozy set that highlights the purity of the materials. It is worth noting that for the realization of this restaurant four types of tables were designed, the lamps of the bar, the composition of luminaires of the ceiling next to murals and floors, it could be said that the only pre-existing element are the chairs and stools of Alki with a special dyeing in oak and a comfortable upholstery in natural leather of various colors.
AJÍ RESTAURANT . Marina 19-21, Barcelona.
Project: Álex March Design Studio. Joan d'Austria 95, 1st 2nd, Barcelona.
Furniture: Alki.
Lighting: Braeled.
Floors: Porcelanosa, Bolón and A4Ceramic.
Photographs: Eugeni Pons.